Heavy Equipment Safety on Construction Site

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When using heavy equipment on construction sites, there are five basic guidelines that employees must always follow to ensure safety:

  • Know how to properly operate the construction equipment you are using. Training on proper operation shall be documented.
  • Do not use heavy machinery when you are drowsy, intoxicated, or taking prescription medication that may affect your performance.
  • Use only equipment that is appropriate for the work to be done.
  • Inspect your equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition before beginning a job. In addition, ensure that regular inspections and maintenance are conducted as appropriate.
  • Do not stress or overload your construction equipment.

Accidents do not just happen, they are caused. Therefore, employees should also follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure the following before leaving equipment unattended:
    • All buckets, blades, etc. are on the ground.
    • Transmission is in neutral.
    • Engine is off.
    • Equipment is secure against movement.
    • Never get on or off moving equipment.
    • Do not attempt to lubricate or adjust a running engine.
    • Turn the engine off before refueling.
    • Keep all shields and safety guards in place.
    • Avoid underground utilities and overhead power lines.

 Refer to the product documentation that accompanied your construction equipment for more information and specific instructions.

Credit : www.civilengineerlink.com