Requirements for Transporting the Reinforcement Steel

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Below are specifications for transporting the reinforcement steel bars on a civil construction site.
When carrying reinforcement steel by man power, the followings shall be observed.








Weight of steel per carry per person shall not exceed 25kg.
• When carry by more than two persons, steel shall be carried by shoulder.
• When carrying, both ends of the reinforcement steel shall be tied together.
• When laying down, reinforcement steel shall not be suddenly dropped.
• When working together, directions shall be made by signaling.

When transporting reinforcement steel by machinery, the followings shall be observed.

• For transporting steel, a team leader shall be assigned to control the work.
• When hanging steel, allowable load for the machinery shall be checked to prevent overloading.
• Large quantity of steel shall not be laid on scaffolding or formwork.
• In the proximity of area of hanging steel, unauthorized persons shall not be allowed.
• Operation of machinery for transporting and hanging steel shall be made by the person designated by the Contractor.

For prevention of electric shock and other accidents, the followings shall be observed.

• No electric wire shall be laid on ground in the proximity of area of transporting reinforcement steel.
• Wiring of electric line in the proximity of steel transporting area shall be installed at height greater than the maximum length of reinforcement steel and spacing of greater than 2m.
• Steel transporting machinery shall be operated after inspecting the wiring of electric line.

The specs for cutting, bending and setting up of reinforcement steel will be updated soon.

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